November 29, 2021

Patrick Santos: crowdfunding campaign for "If classical had modern drums: The Album"

Canadian drummer Patrick Santos has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to cover the costs of recording and releasing If classical had modern drums: The Album:

Although most classical music is in the public domain, the recordings of these classical pieces are copyrighted. To get around this, I would have to get orchestral recordings of the classical pieces solely for my use in which I'd own the rights to.. and thats exactly what I'm going to do!

I have found a way to have all the orchestral parts of these classical pieces created, while letting me have the rights to use them. Of course having such a project completed comes with an understandable cost. Thats where Kickstarter comes in! With your help, this full length album will have the orchestral sections of the pieces professionally created, my drumming professionally recorded, mixed and mastered seamlessly in the studio. Your support will then help me with additional needed production work and design, packaging, marketing, and distributing the album

» Patrick Santos on Instagram.

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