November 30, 2021

The Last of The Fallen Angels: Radio Babylon

English synth band The Last of The Fallen Angels have rounded up wealth of guest musicians for their debut album, Radio Babylon, a collection of songs presented as an '80s radio broadcast, with DJ chatter in between the tracks. Bookended by the dreamy vocals of Victoria Owsnett on Press Play and Press Eject it is a throwback to the heyday of Northern English post-punk and early dance - with Peter Hook's signature bass as the driving force for Kisses, and Laura Rikenbacker and Jeff Black taking a late night stroll with Bowie In Berlin.

All tracks get the opportunity to grow organically, finding a groove that can run its course. Definitely old school synth driven indie stuff that will be embraced by listeners with an above average attention span. The orchestated Ocean with Renee LoBue will find its way to countless documentaries in the years to come.

Radio Babylon is a self-released album. All proceeds will be donated to Musicians Against Homelessness / CRISIS.

  1. Press Play (ft Victoria Owsnett)
  2. Kisses (ft Peter Hook & Beccy Owen)
  3. Ivory Tower (ft Tara Tine)
  4. Change Has Gotta Come (ft Brinsley Forde & Rowetta)
  5. Bowie In Berlin (ft Laura Rikenbacker & Jeff Black)
  6. Ocean (ft Renee LoBue)
  7. Orpheus (ft Mark Dickinson)
  8. Press Eject (ft Victoria Owsnett)

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