November 30, 2021

Mad Ones: Last Forever

photo: Mitch Barns

Toronto based power trio Mad Ones released three singles since the release of their third full-length Regretless in 2017, but only one of them - Run On You - made it to their long-awaited new album, Last Forever. They stick to what they know best: melodic rock wrapped in layers of controlled feedback and distortion. Life is still not fair, giving them plenty of opportunity to get upset, sad and pissed off, or all three of them within the space of a single song.

With bangers like Kecskemet and Monday Morning they keep the flag of loud music flying. And even when they take it down a notch in songs like Stay Awake (a power ballad that does not suck) and No Pleasure the energy level keeps hovering near the red. Few bands can take elements from both garage and progressive rock, but these musicians are crazy and competent enough to give it try and come out on top.

Mad Ones:
Andrew DeVillers: vocals, guitar
Russell Fernandes: bass, vocals
Adam Baslam: drums, vocals

Mad Ones: Last Forever

Last Forever is released via Fortune Stellar Records. Available on all the usual digital outlets.

  1. Kecskemet
  2. Breakdown
  3. Stay Awake
  4. Last Forever
  5. Hollow Head
  6. Run On You
  7. Monday Morning
  8. No Pleasure
  9. Breaking On Glass
  10. Two Shadows

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