July 06, 2021

Low Horizon: Two Days EP

Houston, TX lo-fi band Low Horizon are down to a trio nowadays, but it is business as usual on their new EP, Two Days. Songwriter and guitarist John Gottlieb is still writing short songs about the chaos and turmoil in his everyday life, whether it is feeling out of sync after a long flight in Two Days (maybe), coming awfully close to throwing in the towel after reassessing friendships in Okay, Same or what is the use of being a composer of songs for a limited audience in Chorus.

Making a racket can be therapeutic exercise. If anything, the music helps him to get it out of his system. With fellow band members Brandon T. Cane and Jasmine Fuller egging him on Low Horizon can continue to reach an audience that can relate to the problems. Or just crank it to feel even better themselves if they are doing fine.

Low Horizon: Two Days EP

Low Horizon:
John Gottlieb: guitar, vocals, synth
Brandon T. Cane: guitar, synth
Jasmine Fuller: drums

Two Days is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. Two Days (maybe)
  2. Okay, Same
  3. Chorus

» lowhorizon.com

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