July 06, 2021

Hadda Be: "Nurse's Song" video

English post-punk quartet Hadda Be have unveiled a video for Nurse's Song, to coincide with 73rd Birthday to the National Health Service. It is a track from their debut album Another Life: "Singer Amber Rose Price stands her ground, rising above the melodic din provided by her band members, with bass player Ben Richards channeling The Cure. Another Life could have been recorded in the darkest hours of the Thatcher-era. The stifling atmosphere the lockdown is almost palpable, but there is also plenty of room to discuss relationships hitting rock bottom. Hadda Be are in sync with both the past as the current state of things. That's no reason to be cheerful, but as a reality check it covers all the bases". The clip was made by Luthiem Escalona.

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HCTF review of Another Life.

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