July 06, 2021

Mint Biscuit: You Want Jam On It?

Welsh guitarist Richard Thomas has reached the bottom of his stack of unreleased tracks, but that is not a problem because he has written plenty of new ones as well to compile You Want Jam On It?, the third full-length album by his one-man project Mint Biscuit. He goes back to the basics with three blues-drenched rockers (Roadcruisin', Bluesy and Ribena Breakfast, before making a sharp right into folk (Acidic) and funky psychedelic rock (Apricot Jam).

Thomas likes to go with the flow, surprising himself with motifs and chord progressions that come out of nowhere but always fit the mood. It requires a lot of courage to go out with just a bunch of guitars - lucky for him he owns a quite a few. He allows himself to go Slowly Drifting or limit himself just a few notes for Warm Sounds. He sounds like he is sitting right in front of the listener, a little anxious perhaps, but he shouldn't worry. This collection of instrumentals doesn't need words, although his dad speaks up right at the end of Jamming In The Key Of Raspberry, saying: "yes, that was good, you just need some catchy lyrics now".

Mint Biscuit: You Want Jam On It?

You Want Jam On It? is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website.

  1. Roadcruisin'
  2. Bluesy
  3. Ribena Breakfast
  4. Acidic
  5. Apricot Jam
  6. Chorus Of Love
  7. Slowly Drifting
  8. Warm Sounds
  9. Shining Silver
  10. Rainflower Row
  11. Wild Swim
  12. Mellow Yellow Bellow
  13. Jamming In The Key Of Raspberry

Watch him perform Ribena Breakfast, named after a popular softdrink made from blackcurrants.

» Mint Biscuit on Bandcamp

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