June 05, 2021

The Who: "Face Dances" 40th anniversary 2LP for Record Store Day

Face Dances, the first album by The Who with Kenney Jones having the impossible task to replace Keith Moon, will be released as a 2LP for Record Store Day on June 12. Half-speed analog remaster of the original album on LP1 (blue vinyl). LP2 (yellow vinyl) features 4 studio outtakes and 4 songs from the band's Rockpalast 1981 show @ Grugahalle in Essen, Germany. 6500 copies worldwide.

Side 1:
  1. You Better You Bet
  2. Don't Let Go the Coat
  3. Cache Cache
  4. The Quiet One
  5. Did You Steal My Money?
Side 2:
  1. How Can You Do It Alone
  2. Daily Records
  3. You
  4. Another Tricky Day
Side 3 (Session Rough Mixes)
  1. I Like Nightmares
  2. It's in You
  3. Somebody Save Me
  4. Dance It Away
  5. Don’t Let Go the Coat (Pete Vocal)
Side 4 (Live at Rockpalast):
  1. Don’t Let Go the Coat
  2. You Better You Bet
  3. The Quiet One
  4. Another Tricky Day

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