May 29, 2021

Freyr: Nicotine Bunker

After releasing the memorable EP I'm Sorry and a couple of singles Swedish/Icelandic musician Freyr Flodgren felt confident enough to record a full album, Nicotine Bunker. Dreamy, acoustic songs a la Nick Drake (Permission to Lose), piano-driven triphop (Avalon) and experimental Americana of the Jim White variety (American Poster) are used to tell stories about loss, travel and longing.

Flodgren positions himself as an outsider who wants to belong, but does not quite know how. He should not worry about not fitting in. Going your own way can lead to a memorable musical statement. It is safe to step outside the safety of the Nicotine Bunker, not take the Modern Ages too seriously, and face the world on his own terms.

Freyr: Nicotine Bunker

Nicotine Bunker is a self-released album. Available on all the usual digital outlets.

  1. Avalon
  2. Surveilling Sky
  3. Nicotine Bunker
  4. Permission to Lose
  5. American Poster
  6. You Want Love
  7. Modern Ages
  8. Departure


HCTF review of I'm Sorry.

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