July 20, 2020

Freyr: I'm Sorry

Swedish/Icelandic musician Freyr Flodgren has been in quite a few bands, sometimes at the same time, but a proper was not part of his resume yet. After a couple of singles his debut EP I'm Sorry serves his musical business card, going by stage name Freyr.

Quiet, intense and with a sense of permeating melancholy, he bears his soul, without mentioning the actual source by name. By doing so he taps into the universal feeling of sorrow that can be overwhelming after aa relationship has gone South or is on the brink of doing so. Using elements of folk and pop make it an intricate yet accessible outing of a man who can be certain that his uneasiness has turned into something memorable indeed.

Freyr: I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry is a self-released EP. Available on all the usual digital platforms.

  1. Over My Head
  2. I'm Sorry
  3. Neighbour Boy
  4. Ride the Stream
  5. I'm Here

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