July 20, 2020

Burning Condors: Live at Cowshed

London blues rockers Burning Condors released one hell of an album in 2013, the garage blues filled Round Our Way, followed by two double A-side singles before falling of the radar almost completely. A couple of months ago they resurfaced and started selling EPs via Bandcamp with songs recorded live at Cowshed Studios in London in December 2009, a precursors for an album. Live at Cowshed is loud, in-your-face and most of all fun. Pushed forward by a rumbling, fuzzy bass and swinging drums, they go for the gut with snarling vocals and rockabilly-tinged guitar.

Why these tracks have been gathering dust on the shelves for a decade is a bit of mystery. The bulk of the material originals and choice covers, would be revisited on their sole studio album and subsequent singles. It's nice to have the opportunity to compare them side by side. There is no clear winner, but it makes it clear that they hit the ground running back then. Too bad it was all over much too soon.

Burning Condors:
Marcus Thompson: vocals
Matthew Edun: guitar, backing vocals
Chris Church: bass, backing vocals
James Bourne: drums, percussion

Live at Cowshed is released via Snakehand Records. Release date: July 27th.

  1. Twisted Kind of Bliss
  2. That's All Right
  3. Every Little Lady
  4. Polka Dot Girl
  5. Dirty Girl Blues
  6. Burning up The Town
  7. Love on the Rocks
  8. Last Train Home
  9. Folsom Prison Blues
  10. Killing Time
  11. Riot in the Streets

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