January 30, 2021

Natalie Bouloudis: Devil is Doubt

photo: Luke J Novak

English bluesy folk singer Natalie Bouloudis captured the night on her Devil is Doubt EP. In the dark she had plenty of time to think about what was bothering her or made her angry - mostly matters of the heart. Bouloudis is always sounding intense, a smoldering presence that is both alluring and a bit scary, especially for those on the receiving end of her wrath. She is not to be trifled with, with her lyrics acting as a scalpel, cutting away the lies and the bullshit.

She is not the world's most prolific writer - there is a four year gap between her debut EP Dead Sea Scripts and this collection of songs. Every words counts in her songs. The lyrics can stand on their own as poetry. Take Vice Versa that opens with "When your cure becomes your poison // And that poison seems like the only cure // It's a time bomb that could blow any second // Or remain dormant // A benign tumour". Gothic and romantic imagery are her forte and she puts it to good use. Recommended if you like Patti Smith and PJ Harvey.

Natalie Bouloudis: vocals, guitar
Hannah Stacey: drums, keyboards
Luke Waterfield: violin
Luke Novak: bass

Devil is Doubt is a self-released EP. Buy it from her website (limited aqua blue vinyl - 100 copies, digital).

  1. Outlaster
  2. Vice Versa
  3. Expand
  4. Devil Is Doubt
  5. Coal
  6. How Many Winters?

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