May 12, 2017

HCTF premiere - Natalie Bouloudis: Dead Sea Scripts

English bluesy folk singer Natalie Bouloudis has a voice that be can't ignored: smokey, confident and topped off with don't-fuck-with-me phrasing. Her debut EP Dead Sea Scripts was recorded live at Wax Studios in London. It is a collection of songs sounding like she has been a recording artist for many years - well balanced, adventurous and intense. She is a singer with a spellbinding range. Imagine PJ Harvey after been exposed to the collected works of Sandy Denny, Ricky Lee Jones and the Cowboy Junkies.

Dead Sea Scripts makes disaster (Burning Pier) and violence (Raging Forcestress) sound appealing. And she found a fun way to tell love to get lost with Romantic Bullshit Blues. Bouloudis is the kind of artist who was always there somehow, making the listener wonder why he failed to take notice before. This hybrid of jazz, waltz rhythms, blues and folk taps you on the shoulder, flashing a mischievous grin. Resistance, as the saying goes, is futile.

Natalie Bouloudis: vocals and guitar
Laura Forbes: violin, backing vocals
Hannah Stacey: piano, drum
Luke Novak: bass
Caitlin Roberts: accordion

Dead Sea Scripts is a self-released EP. Buy it from her website.

  1. Raging Forcestress
  2. Burning Pier
  3. Romantic Bullshit Blues
  4. Whirlwinds
  5. Firebird
  6. Float

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