October 30, 2020

Moonchy & Tobias: Moonchy & Tobias III

Ohio based experimentalist Todd Tobias and Italian avant-garde singer Pat Moonchy go in at the deep end on their third album, taking cues from Portishead’s lauded Third. A sense of foreboding is eminent inn the soundscapes and by using Latin it could be mistaken for a gospel record, albeit one where art is the thing that offers mankind comfort and a sense for beauty.

Most of the tracks move slowly - Frangit inches forward at snail's pace - making Moonchy & Tobias III a listening experience that is an oasis in a sped-up world wherein everything is moving so fast that details and nuances are lost. This music is best experienced in solitude wearing a set of premium headphones.

Moonchy & Tobias III is released via Hidden Shoal and Tiny Room Records (CD, digital).

  1. Dubium
  2. Petali Caduti
  3. Sericum
  4. Margaritae
  5. Nubes
  6. Portus
  7. Frangit
  8. Dies Festus
  9. Dum
  10. Somnia
  11. Limbi
  12. Unum

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