October 29, 2020

Steven Wilson: King Ghost

Steven Wilson has released King Ghost, the third single from his forthcoming new album The Future Bites. Once again it's a dark, electro-pop track about dealing fears, both the real and the imaginary ones: "See that’s what I’m talking about // You can wash away the dirt // But you can’t wash away the failure // You’d better take your meds // Get out of bed // And pay me some attention".

Wilson goes full-on falsetto with his vocals and there not a guitar in sight. Hardcore fans of his progressive rock band Porcupine Tree will hate it, but "progressive" means moving forward and that is what he is doing. It is rather ironic that the genre needs to be frozen in time for some.

Steven Wilson : synthesisers, shortwave radio, vocals
David Kosten : programming, synthesisers
Jason Cooper (Courtesy Of The Cure): cymbals, percussion
Michael Spearman: hi-hat

The video was directed Jesse Cope. Animation by Venkatram Visnawathan.

The Future Bites will be released on January 29, 2021 on cassette, CD, vinyl, BluRay, and as a limited box set. Pre-order here or get it from his store.

» stevenwilsonhq.com
» thefuturebites.com

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