October 24, 2020

Daniel Ruiz: [401, 410]

Barcelona based musician Daniel Ruiz has collected ten instrumentals inspired by two of his favourite things, whisky and cats, for his new album [401, 410]. It is a bold move for an artist who is primarily known as the chronicler of night life, seedy bars, and evasive women.

Trying his hand as creating layered textures that have an ambient, post-rock feel worked out quite well. There is an aura of mystery and melancholy in his soundscapes. Some of it may sound familiar - he is not above using the same motifs from his singer-songwriter output, but that's perfectly fine. It's not stealing if you wrote it yourself. By going all instrumental he forces himself to explore his ideas in a different way and let the music itself do the talking.

[401, 410] is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. 401
  2. 402
  3. 403
  4. 404
  5. 405
  6. 406
  7. 407
  8. 408
  9. 409
  10. 410

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