May 31, 2020

Daniel Ruiz: Diamond Fanged Black Feline

The majorrity of the songs on the Diamond Fanged Black Feline album by Barcelona based singer-songwriter Daniel Ruiz will be familiar ro those who been following his regular single releases. Bookended by the two parts of the instrumental title track he describes his afterhours adventures, where women pop up on his radar and a cat stares him down with ill-concealed contempt. Longing and subsequent loss are his main themes and the sole previously unreleased song My Girl's an Ocean Away once again follows that template.

Ruiz recorded most of it in his apartment, playing all the instruments himself. Saxophone player Arnau Abadal was on a hand to add an extra layer of melancholy. As a chronicler of night life He can stand his ground, with his husky delivery and a lower baritone register that is tailor-made for telling sad tales.

Diamond Fanged Black Feline is a self-released album. Buy it from his website. Limited CD via Aiguamoll Records.

  1. Diamond Fanged Black Feline, pt. 1
  2. A Little Song for You
  3. The Velvet Lynx
  4. Caught Between a Wall Made of Ice and a Silent Goodbye
  5. Her Purple Dress with Thin Black Stripes
  6. My Girl's an Ocean Away
  7. Diamond Fanged Black Feline, pt. 2

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