September 13, 2019

Daniel Ruiz: Saturn's Rings Got Replaced By An Ad

Barcelona based singer-songwriter Daniel Ruiz has rounded up his latest singles plsu th epreciously unreleased Afterhours Transoceanic Voice Message for his second EP Saturn's Rings Got Replaced By An Ad, splitting the songs in two slightly different parts. The first three have a slow moving rock mode and the other three are even more mellow. The overall vibe is late night melancholy. Ruiz sings with a dark baritone voice, almost slurring the lyrics and forcing the listener to hang on to each word - a must to make sense of But The Popcorn They Sell Reminds Me Of Your Eyes, a lullaby he wrote for his cat 400. Incidentally: there is a whole series of cat instrumentals on his Bandcamp.

Ruiz once again proves that he is versatile wordsmith and musician. Saturn's Rings Got Replaced By An Ad offers buyers to catch up with his recent output in a single swoop. Júlia Martín (drums), Marek Mnatsakanyan (Hammond B3) and Arnau Abadal on (saxophone) got his back if he needed an instrument he can't play himself. With Tom Waits in semi-retirement as a recording artist Ruiz has all the trappings to become the after midnight crowd's new favourite artist.

Saturn's Rings Got Replaced By An Ad is a self-released EP. Buy it (digital, cassette, CD) from his website.

  1. Ecstasy Queen
  2. Remember When
  3. Nina
  4. But the Popcorn They Sell Reminds Me Of Your Eyes
  5. Mark and Hannah's Narcotic Encounter
  6. Afterhours Transoceanic Voice Message

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