September 12, 2019

Mark Foggo's Skasters: Ska Pig Returns!

English ska veteran Mark Foggo may have left the UK a couple of decades, but he is keeping tabs on the politics back home. The new album Ska Pig Returns! opens with a kick in the but of (former prime minister) Theresa May. London Town is a lovely tribute to the nation's capital, although he doesn't turn a blind eye to the clueless tourists roaming the streets.

His music is still firmly grounded in the production values of the heyday of the genre when bands like Madness, The Beat and The Specials reigned the charts in the UK and beyond. Ska Pig Returns! is a joyous, upbeat album, with blaring trumpets setting a party mood that belies the underlying seriousness of the lyrics, with Rats and Mice about being still being alive as the stand-out track. Mark Foggo is a survivor, still assuring his fans that “This is just the beginning", 40 years after he released the classic debut single New Shoes.

Ska Pig Returns! is released on vinyl via Jump Up Records. Release date: September 14.

  1. Theresa May
  2. Do The Monkey
  3. Light on my Feet
  4. Eat up your Weeds
  5. Dum Diddy Di
  6. London Town
  7. Yoyo
  8. Rats and Mice
  9. Sheik or Shah
  10. iphone

Live dates:
  • 09/20 Jeugdhuis, Vorselaar Belgium
  • 09/21 Podium de Vorstin, Hilversum, Netherlands
  • 09/27 Blue Collar Hotel, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • 09/28 Jugendhaus, Rosswein, Germany
  • 10/04 Hedon, Zwolle, Netherlands
  • 10/05 Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 10/12 Manifesto, Hoorn, Netherlands
  • 10/13 MEZZ, Breda, Netherlands
  • 10/17 Luxor Live, Arnhem, Netherlands
  • 10/18 LittleDevil Bar, Tilburg, Netherlands
  • 10/25 DE FLUX, Zaandam, Netherlands
  • 10/26 Podium, Hoogeveen, Netherlands
  • 11/08 Gebr de Nobel, Leiden, Netherlands
  • 11/09 De Pul, Uden, Netherlands
  • 11/15 CSOA Zapata, Genova, Italy
  • 11/16 Sally Brown Rude-pub, Rome, Italy
  • 12/20 Underground, Lelystad, Netherlands
  • 12/21 Poppodium Volt, Sittard, Netherlands
  • 12/22 De Farm, Oude Wetering, Netherlands
  • 12/29 CafĂ© Wilhelmina, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • 01/10 Bolwerk, Sneek, Netherlands
  • 01/11 Duycker, Hoofddorp, Netherlands
  • 02/07 Trucker, Pijnacker, Netherlands
  • 02/08 Lola, Groningen, Netherlands
  • 04/24 Astrant, Ede, Netherlands


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