June 25, 2020

The Gun Club: "Live In London 1983" LP for Record Store Day

Live In London 1983. an often bootlegged show by American post-punk band The Gun Club, will be released on LP for Record Store Day. Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Patricia Morrison, Jim Duckworth and Dee Pop were on top of their game during that tour. They have cleaned up the audio a bit. 1700 copies. Release date: September 26th.

1. “Opening Space” 2. “Fire of Love” 3. “Run Through The Jungle” 4. “John Hardy” 5. “The Lie” 6. “Black Train” 7. “Cool Drink of Water” 8. “Fire Spirit” 9. “Death Party” 10. “Sex Beat” 11. “Goodbye Johnny” 12. “House of Highland Avenue” 13. “Texas Serenade” 14. “Heebee Jeebees”

» The Gun Club on Wikipedia

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