May 02, 2020

The Fierce & The Dead: Show Me Devon: Live At Kozfest 2019

When English instrumental post-rock quartet The Fierce & The Dead hit the stage @ Kozfest 2019 on Buttermead Farm in Willingcott Hill on June 26, 2019, it was a special moment for guitarist Matt Stevens, They were booked to perform on the 2018 edition, but on the day they were were scheduled to play he was being treated for cancer. This might explain the added level of intensity that is apparent during this show as if they were making up for lost time. The show is now available on the new live album Show Me Devon: Live At Kozfest 2019 (their third in concert recording so far). They left the in-between songs banter in place this time, making it a real-time snapshot of the band who finally got their long overdue recognition as a major player in prog loving circles.

The setlist leans heavily on the tracks from their most recent studio album The Euphoric and its predecessor, the Magnet EP. The band knows these tracks inside out, giving them ample opportunity to stretch things out a a bit, honoring the tight but loose approach, while laying down a groove in weird time signatures. Show Me Devon: Live At Kozfest 2019 is a worthy, no frills companion to the more succinct Field Recordings (live) and Live USA 17 albums. It is a honest document of them making new friends and fans by delivering an in-your-face live show.

The Fierce & The Dead:
Matt Stevens: guitar and noises
Steve Cleaton: guitar and other noises
Kev Feazey: bass
Stuart Marshall: drums

Show Me Devon: Live At Kozfest 2019 is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. Note: if any Key Workers would like a free download of this album please contact

  1. Where's The Drummer? (banter)
  2. Truck
  3. Ground Rules (banter)
  4. Verbose
  5. It Was Worth It (banter)
  6. Dancing Robots
  7. Marathon Not A Sprint (banter)
  8. 48k
  9. Flint
  10. Capitalist Product Placement (banter)
  11. 1991
  12. More Of The Less (banter)
  13. Magnet In Your Face
  14. I Like It, I'm Into It
  15. Thanks List (banter)
  16. Parts 7 & 8 (Live At Kozfest)
  17. Who Are We? (banter)
  18. 666...6
  19. Snakes PSA (banter)


HCTF review of Live USA 17.

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