May 23, 2020

Kaki King: "Teek" video

Guitar virtuoso Kaki King posted a homemade video for her new composition Teek. The ambiguity of the title - it can mean in good health and to continuously and intentionally confuse someone with the goal of getting on their nerves - is a perfect fit for these weird times. From her Facebook:

My first homemade music video! I made this during quarantine when I didn't have access to any of my talented video friends. So I used what I did have: a children's train track, a go pro taped to the engine, some lights, and basically a bunch of stuff that I'm always surrounded by at home. It was probably far too ambitious to make a one take video alone, but I had fun playing with trains and toys and pictures and editing with some old video software. I liked the pace of the train and how it worked with the tempo of the song, but over time I began to love/hate the repetitiveness of it all. As I watched the train go around and around I saw each day passing much like the last, and began to felt almost strangled by the safety of my home, my stuff. There are some obvious metaphors in the video but mainly it's just me, my space, my junk, the endless passing of time..

Teek is a track from her new album Modern Yesterdays, due for release this Fall.


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