May 23, 2020

Daniel Ruiz: Caught Between a Wall Made of Ice and a Silent Goodbye

Barcelona based singer-songwriter Daniel Ruiz can't believe his luck when he finds himself in bed with the subject of his desire, although he soon realizes that it might not last. His ability to describe yet another change meeting and wrap it in a sad blanket of guitar and keyboards will be the envy of aspiring writers, who only end up with a splitting headache in stead of great song, when they tried to follow his recipe.

Hangovers are less of a pain when they find you in her bed
Laying next to her skin carefully wrapped in her black negligee
And if Jesus died for my sins he would be very glad that he didn’t die in vain
Because lust is a powerful thing and I’m afraid I can’t help myself
From crawling out of my misery towards the edge of her dress.

Caught Between a Wall Made of Ice and a Silent Goodbye is a self-released single. Buy it from his website. The song will be included on his upcoming full-length Diamond Fanged Black Feline, out on May 29th.

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