April 17, 2020

Stick Men: free download of 2019/7/30 Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA

Avant-prog improv trio Stick Men have posted a board mix of their show @ Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA on July 30, 2019 on Bandcamp. Pay-what-you-want for this board mix made by F.O.H. engineer Robert Frazza, so it sounds rather splendid. Plenty of King Crimson tunes, carefully arranged for this power trio format.

Stick Men:
Tony Levin: Chapman Stick, voice
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® U8 Deluxe, live looping
Pat Mastelotto: drums, loops, samples

  1. Prog Noir
  2. Red
  3. Schattenhaft
  4. Horatio
  5. Learning to Fly
  6. Breathless
  7. Hide the Trees
  8. Swimming in T
  9. Cusp
  10. Sartori in Tangier
  11. Crack in the Sky
  12. Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part II
  13. Mantra
  14. Level 5
  15. Industry

» stick-men.net

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