April 18, 2020

Daniel Ruiz: Diamond Fanged Black Feline, pt​.​1

Barcelona based singer-songwriter Daniel Ruiz is doing things differently on his new single Diamond Fanged Black Feline, pt​.​1, a lengthy instrumental that sets the stage for his new album. It's a keyboards driven statement influenced by Jon Lord and Rick Wright and his first foray into progressive rock. With the previous singles A Little Song for You and The Velvet Lynx (the lyrics already mentioned the same black feline) it is a no-brainer to assume that a cat will be playing the lead role on this record.

Diamond Fanged Black Feline, pt​.​1 is a self-released single. Buy it from his website. The song will be included on his upcoming full-length Diamond Fanged Black Feline, out on May 29th.

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