March 06, 2020

Two Too Many: two shows in Amsterdam

Amsterdam based Two Too Many have two hometown shows coming up, gibing them the opportunity to punch some eardrums with the songs form their self-titled debut album; ""With riffs galore and not taking themselves too seriously - the reality check of Worse Things Have Happened (To Much Better People) pretty much sums it up - Two Too Many is a band that can get a crowd into a good mood and singing along to the Stones inspired This Is How We Roll and grooving to the nasty boogie of Head To Toe. Not a ballad in sight, except maybe the first few bars of Call The Boatman, where Charon is summoned to make the trip to the underworld. Live dates:

  • 04/03 Rock Club The Cave, Amsterdam
  • 06/27 Melkweg, Amsterdam


HCTF review of Two Too Many.

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