December 13, 2019

Two Too Many: Two Too Many

Amsterdam based Two Too Many keep hard-hitting classic rock alive on their self-titled debut album. Fimly borunded in blues and metal they barrel through 12 tracks worth of boozy, late night headbanging anthems. They are loud and they are here to sing about having a good time (Got My Rock n' Roll), with some valid side notes about the false romanticism associated with being on the road: no luxury coach, but catching a Southbound Bus to get home doesn't really sound rock 'n'roll, but it is a reality for a lot of+ musicians.

With riffs galore and not taking themselves too seriously - the reality check of Worse Things Have Happened (To Much Better People) pretty much sums it up - Two Too Many is a band that can get a crowd into a good mood and singing along to the Stones inspired This Is How We Roll and grooving to the nasty boogie of Head To Toe. Not a ballad in sight, except maybe the first few bars of Call The Boatman, where Charon is summoned to make the trip to the underworld.

Two Too Many:
Damien Coughlan: vocals
JJ Ferr: guitars
Damon Maddison: bass
Niall Cleary: drums

Two Too Many is released via Profane Records (CD). Digital via their website.

  1. Tough To Love
  2. Got My Rock n' Roll
  3. Kaiser's Crown
  4. Southbound Bus
  5. The Ditch
  6. Worse Things Have Happened (To Much Better People)
  7. Five-Year Stretch
  8. Drift Away
  9. This Is How We Roll
  10. Back In The Same Place Again
  11. Head To Toe
  12. Call The Boatman


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