March 06, 2020

Custard Flux: Indian Ocean Road

Gregory Curvey has posted the instrumental Indian Ocean Road, one of the six tracks on the bonus CD that will be included with the vinyl version of his latest album Echo by his project Custard Flux:

Indian Ocean Road was inspired by a long drive down the western coast of Australia, near Perth, and features the harpsichord that I've just restored, the 1890s Harmonium, and my Echoplexed Gibson Flying V, and Timothy Prettyman on Double Bass. The artwork is by Gregory Chamberlin.

The bonus tracks won't be for sale or download anywhere else.

The 100 copies on a blend of opaque orange and transparent sky blue vinyl are all gone, but a few copies of the 150 transparent blue version are still up for sale. Pre-order here.


HCTF review of Echo.

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