March 10, 2020

The Who: "A Quick Live One" and "Odds and Sods 2LP" for Record Store Day

Two releases by The Who for Record Store Day (April 18 June 20). The first one, A Quick Live One, features their complete set @ Monterey Pop Festival on June 18, 1967. They barreled through six songs within half an hour:

1. A Quick One While He's Away / 2. Substitute / 3. Happy Jack / 4.Summertime Blues / 5. My Generation / 6. Pictures Of Lily

This running order as listed on the Record Store Day site is way off. If the front cover is an indication the folks of The Monterey International Pop Festival Foundation did not fuck it up on the album itself. Actual setlist:

1 Substitute / 2. Summertime Blues / 3. Pictures of Lily / 4. A Quick One (While He's Away) / 5. Happy Jack / 6. My Generation

Red/white/blue striped vinyl. 6500 copies.

Odds and Sods, a rarities compilation, was first released in 1974. Bass player John Entwistle had selected enough songs for a double album, but it became just the one back then with 11 tracks. A 1998 CD reissue came with a wealth of extra tracks. The Record Store Day reissue as a 2LP is yet another journey through the archives, with previously tidbits and single mixes on the second album:

LP ONE: The Original LP

Side One
1. Postcard / 2. Now I’m A Farmer / 3. Put The Money Down / 4. Little Billy / 5. Too Much Of Anything / 6. Glow Girl

Side Two
1. Pure And Easy / 2. Faith In Something Bigger / 3. I’m The Face / 4. Naked Eye / 5. Long Live Rock

LP TWO: Odds & Sods Too

Side One
1. Zoot Suit (Remix with fade) / 2. Here ‘Tis (Previously released on the 30 Years Of Maximum R&B box set) / 3. Leaving Here (From the Pye acetate) / 4. Baby Don’t You Do It (From the Pye acetate) / 5. Young Man Blues (Alternate studio version, included on 1998 CD) / 6. Dogs Part Two (B-side, the single mix; included on Tommy SDE) / 7. Here For More (B-side single mix) / 8. The Seeker (Long unedited version; previously unreleased)

Side Two
1. Heaven And Hell (B-side single mix) / 2. Don’t Know Myself (B-side single mix) / 3. When I Was A Boy (B-side single mix) / 4. Waspman (B-side single mix) / 5. We Close Tonight (Included on 1998 CD) / 6. Water (B-side single mix)

Red (LP1) and yellow (LP2) vinyl. 7000 copies.


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