March 30, 2020

Rory Gallagher: "Cleveland Calling" LP for Record Store Day

An unreleased Rory Gallagher radio appearance will be released for Record Store Day (June 20) October 24. The recordings was recently found on a small 7” reel.

We're pleased to announce the ‘Cleveland Calling’ LP. This intimate 8 song acoustic session and interview, recorded at WNCR in Cleveland in 1972, is released for the first time specially for Record Store Day.

1. Pistol Slapper Blues 2. Don't Know Where I'm Going 3. Gypsy Woman 4. Out Of My Mind

1. The Cuckoo 2. Bankers Blues 3. Should've Learned My Lesson 4. Blow Wind Blow

B&W cover. 3000 copies.


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