February 22, 2020

Red Hearted Vibrations: I'll Be On The Mountain

Glaswegian rock band Red Hearted Vibrations are back with a put down power ballad. I'll Be On The Mountain starts up softly, builds up to towering crescendo before coming full circle to a quiet coda.

Getting even through music is the perfect way that the former subject affection is that "there will be a day, when you will look around // and Iʼll be on the mountain // youʼll be on the ground". Whoever fucked over songwriter Scott Brown, it's now out in the open for the world to hear.

Red Hearted Vibrations:
Laura Nelson: vocals
Steven Nelson: drums
Graham White: bass
Craig White: guitars, vocals
Scott Brown: keyboard, piano
Ewan Driver: guitars

UK live dates:
  • 03/21 The Ferry, Glasgow
  • 03/28 Nice N Sleazys, Glasgow

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