January 29, 2019

David Bowie: first ever TV performance @ "Lift Off with Ayshea" found

David Bowie fans rejoice. The forthcoming BBC documentary David Bowie: Finding Fame will include something special. From The Telegraph:

David Bowie’s Top of the Pops appearance as Ziggy Stardust in July 1972 is regarded as a seminal moment in music history.

But few people remember that Bowie actually made his television debut as Ziggy a month earlier, singing Starman on an ITV teatime show called Lift Off with Ayshea. The performance was believed lost to history when the tapes were accidentally wiped.

Almost half a century on, a recording of that first appearance has been unearthed. A member of the public came forward to say they had captured the show on computer tape, a forerunner of VHS.

It is now being restored with the aim of showing it in a forthcoming BBC documentary, David Bowie: Finding Fame.

Update: David Bowie: Finding Fame will be broadcast on February 9 on BBC Two (9.00pm-10.30pm).

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