January 29, 2019

Suzanne Jarvie: In The Clear

Canadian alt-country singer-songwriter Suzanne Jarvie is a bit more optimistic on her sophomore album In The Clear. Once again her son's near fatal head injury is a huge inspiration - it was the main subject of her on her debut album Spiral Road, but now she serves up a delicate mix of light and shade as she tries to move on. There is anger (Point Blank), melancholic longing for the past (The Core) and grief (You Shall Not Pass).

Jarvie was hurt and shocked pretty badly, but she refused to let it get the better of her. Through her music she seeks closure and healing, while she is heading for the light at the end of the tunnel. Producer Hugh Christopher Brown let her voice do the talking, on top of subdued acoustic music. With violin, piano and dobro as his instruments of choice he provided a comfortable yer intricate tapestry for the vocals.

In The Clear is released on Wolfe Island Records (Canada & USA) and CRS/Continental Record Services (Europe) Buy it from her website or Bandcamp.

  1. Headless Rider
  2. Carpenter Bay
  3. Point Blank
  4. In The Clear
  5. One It Finds
  6. The Core
  7. Matryoshka
  8. All In Place
  9. You Shall Not Pass
  10. Trilogy

» suzannejarvie.com

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