May 17, 2018

The Fierce & The Dead: The Euphoric

English instrumental prog experimentalists The Fierce & The Dead have been a cult band since they burst upon the scene in 2010, but their days as an underground favourite are numbered when the musos loving public can get their hands on their new album The Euphoric. Those in the know will recognize two of the tracks, Dancing Robots and Verbose, compositions that have been part of their live set for quite some time and were included on Field Recordings (live) album.

The Euphoric is an apt title for a batch of compositions relying on tension and release. When the band locks into a groove they can transcendent, trippy, pastoral and - yes - metal. The Fierce & The Dead have found a middle way between sounding spontaneous and in control simultaneously. In their world robots can truly dance, a Truck thunders down the motorway, and Robert Fripp can meet Mike Oldfield for tea and biscuits in Dug town. Vintage technolooy gets a nod with Joe Public's favourite means of transport, the Cadet Opal, and the Soviet clone of the ZX Spectrum home computer, the 48K.

Ending the album with their with new episodes of their ongoing Parts project they continue their quest to become a household name in prog circles and beyond. While Steven Wilson is out of office to dabble in pop, the UK throne is currently available for another act to seize the opportunity. See your local bookie about the odds for The Fierce And The Dead.

The Fierce & The Dead:
Matt Stevens: guitar, synth, piano
Steve Cleaton: guitar, piano
Kev Feazey: bass, programming, synth, percussion
Stuart Marshall: drums, percussion

The Euphoric will be released on May 18 via Bad Elephant Music (gatefold vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Truck
  2. 1991
  3. The Euphoric
  4. Dancing Robots
  5. Dug Town
  6. Cadet Opal
  7. Verbose
  8. 48k
  9. Part 7
  10. Part 8

Live dates:
  • 05/18 London, UK @ The Black Heart - album release show (sold out)
  • 06/16 Bromsgrove, UK Sonic Rock Solstice - Stoke Prior Sports & Country Club
  • 07/20 Margate, UK @ Dreamland *
  • 07/21 Weymouth, UK @ Weymouth Pavilion *
  • 07/28 Uffculme, UK @ KozFest 2018

* supporting Hawkwind


HCTF review of Field Recordings (live).

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