September 18, 2017

Itchy Teeth: Brian Wilson Is Still Alive

Most of the musical heroes of retro psychdelic Britpop quartet Itchy Teeth are dead (and when were rather young when they left the planet). The resident genius of the Beach Boys is still here and that inspired them to write Brian Wilson Is Still Alive. He didn't overdose or took off to the great unknown in a silver space ship. He is still creating and experimenting, like a wandering child who got stuck in another time zone and much changed world that he cannot fully understand.

The Londoners wonder what it must be like for an artist, when the general public only wants to hear his prime work that saw the light of day many decades ago. Brian Wilson Is Still Alive is a respectful tribute, but with a sense of humour that gives an edge (or teeth in this case).

Brian Wilson Is Still Alive will be released on October 27. It's the first taste of a new album they are currently working on.

Live date:
  • 10/03 London, UK @ Servants Jazz Quarters


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