September 19, 2017

Gunther’s Grass: Bastille Day & Other Lullabies

BEST OF 2017

Gunther’s Grass are a trio playing gnarly drones a the crossroads of avant-garde and free jazz. Its members have at the forefront of the Bay Area experimental scene and on their new album Bastille Day & Other Lullabies they travel across the globe, from Turkey to the Ukraine, Cambodia, Indonesia, France and the southernmost tip of the South American mainland.

This is not the kind of music that comes to mind to pop in the player of a rented car en route to visit the sites. The trio builds structures that appear to be impregnable or even unscalable at first, but on closer inspection offer handholds and hidden routes. Surrender to the flow with an open mind and the soundscapes unfold. It's like making your way to the jungle to find the structures that have been overgrown with dense vegetation.

Gunther’s Grass:
Christopher Adler: khaen (Lao/Northeast Thai mouth organ), pii jum
Marcelo Radulovich: hurdy-gurdy, rub-a-metatron
Scott Walton: upright bass
Eric Starr: trombone (track 2)
Jennifer Bewerse: cello (track 5)
Nathan Hubbard: vibraphone (track 6)

Bastille Day & Other Lullabies is released on Titicacaman Records.

  1. The Gates of Troy
  2. Tarnopol
  3. Angkor
  4. Gelgel
  5. Le Bastille
  6. Tierra del Fuego

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