June 07, 2017

Anna Coogan: "Burn For You" video

Watch the new Anna Coogan video for Burn For You, a track from her The Lonely Cry of Space and Time album. The clip was shot and edited by Ben Moss. Annan Cooga explained the story behind the song and the making of the video in an interview with The Big Takeover:

Shortly after I wrote the song, I was jogging and ran past this gaggle of girls — they are coming of age in such a difficult time and the headlines of the day reflect everything they are up against, but they have so much hope and optimism and such big smiles.

The concept for this video, stripping them of their childhood and color, slathering their faces with war paint, and sending them into the unknown, was mostly born right then. When I approached the families with my idea, I was not sure they’d be interested, given I was sending their daughters to war. But they all loved it and got on board right away.”
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