June 08, 2017

Blimp Rock: Soap Opera

Canadian art pop band Blimp Rock like to think outside the box. When an album is named Soap Opara it makes perfect sense to releases it as a bar of soap, with a laminated download code inside. All joking aide their music is a continuation of their previous album Sophomore Slump - quirky songs of the They Might Be Giants variety, albeit on a shoestring budget.

Lead single Dear Science is a study in wordplay, but it lacks a proper punch line. Feline affcionados will appreciate I Love My Cat. The Stones classic Sympathy for the Devil is incorporated into Duet With The Devil, which might be fun during a live show, but it doesn't work in a studio environment. They saved the best for last, the self-deprecating a cappella Ode To Faults, with lead singer Pete Demakos' proudly stating that he "was born with shoddy pitch." A tongue-in-cheek bit of damage control by a band that could a chance of pace instead of working on a new marketing gimmick for their music.

Blimp Rock:
Peter Demakos: vocals, backup vocals, acoustic guitar
Tyson Brinacombe: electric guitar, synths, wurly, piano, backup vocals
Andrew Kinoshita: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Heather Kirby: bass guitar
James Bunton: drums, percussion, synths

Soap Opera is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. The artisanal soap version comes with a laminated download code inside. Available in orange and grapefruit formats. Release date: June 16th.

  1. Blimp Rock Live 3
  2. Wet Hot Canadian Summer
  3. Dear Science
  4. Duet With The Devil
  5. I Love My Cat
  6. Raccoon Nation
  7. Raccoon Nation 2
  8. Oh, Basketball
  9. Ode To Faults

» blimprock.com

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