April 09, 2017

The Dirty Denims: Back With A Bang - part 1

Dutch happy hardrockers The Dirty Denims keep it simple on their new no-frills EP Back With A Bang - part 1. The quartet likes to boogie like AC/DC did when Bon Scott was still alive. Keywords: fun, energy and having a good time. Lead singer Mirjam Sieben has enough power to reach the back rows of a festival crowd (or rattle the windows of a bar treating their clientele to a set of rawk).

Pop this in the player when you need some lowdown and dirty rock 'n'roll: plenty of catchy riffs, ooh-ooh's and yeah-yeah's. Back With A Bang - part 1 is a less is more EP that is catchy as Hell. Recommended if you like ZZ Top and Joan Jett.

The Dirty Denims:
Mirjam Sieben: vocals, guitar, organ
Jeroen Teunis: guitar
Ashley Seleski: bass
Thomas Spauwen: drums

Back With A Bang - part 1 is released thru Handclap Records. Preorder it from their website. Release date: April 27th. Back With A Bang - part 2 will be released in October, after which both parts will be joined for an LP.

  1. Back With A Bang
  2. Heartbeat
  3. Money Back Guarantee
  4. Don't Waste My Time
  5. Make Us Look Good
  6. Can't Get Enough of Rock & Roll

Live dates:
  • 04/14 Anno Nu Oldenzaal
  • 04/15 Dijkrock 2017 - Rilland
  • 04/22 Velvet Breda Instore (Record Store Day 2017) - Breda
  • 04/23 Velvet Eindhoven Instore (Pre-Release Show - unplugged) - Eindhoven
  • 04/27 RocKing Festival - Eindhoven
  • 04/27 Bergeijk Rockt - Bergeijk
  • 05/20 Loud Bird – Open House at Brooklyn Square - Eindhoven
  • 05/26 De Reunie - Geleen
  • 06/09 Punk Meets People - Bocholt, Germany
  • 06/23 Café Stiels - Haarlem
  • 06/30 Rocks - Enschede
  • 07/16 Walhalla Zomerfeesten - Deurne
  • 08/14 Café Ramones - Grashoek
  • 08/19 Zebra Festival - Gemert
  • 09/01 14e American Tukkerday - Vroomshoop

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