November 01, 2012

The Zolas: Ancient Mars

Zachary Gray (vocals, guitar) and Tom Dobrzanski (piano, vocals) are The Zolas, a Vancouver based progressive pop duo, who have just released their full-length Ancient Mars. Post-modern is an overrated term, but it'll do to describe their sound.

There is a sense of detachment in all their songs, the kind of aloofness that was so very much en vogue in the Nineties. Songs like Observatory and Cold Moon have an outsider perspective, even when they get personal. The catchy Knot In My Heart and the melancholic title track Ancient Mars are like the two sides of coin - changes are that you like one of them. Or maybe both.

The Zolas: Ancient Mars

Ancient Mars is released thru Light Organ Records.

  1. In Heaven
  2. Knot In My Heart
  3. Ancient Mars
  4. Strange Girl
  5. Escape Artist
  6. Observatory
  7. Local Swan
  8. Euphrates and Tigris
  9. Cold Moon
  10. Cultured Man (Bonus Track)

Live dates:
  • 11/01 Wunderbar, Edmonton, AB
  • 11/02 The Habitat, Kelowna, BC
  • 11/03 Massey Theatre (w/ Derrival), New Westminster, BC
  • 11/16 The Rio Theatre (w/ The Belle Game), Vancouver, BC
  • 11/23 Felicitas Pub, Victoria, BC


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