November 01, 2012

Murdergram: Songs of the Misfits

photo: Taryn Nicole Piana

Synchronicity. UK garage rockers The Computers recently announced a covers EP celebrating the songs of The Misfits. LA based prject Murdergram apparently had the same idea. Fronted by singer Holland Greco they have slowed down the tempi of the orginals, but have retained the darkness. Die, Die My Darling is delivered with come hither vocals, with Clark Dark's distored guitar sending out screaming feedback as a warning. The band live quite near Hollywood Babylon, giving the Joey Maramaba / princessFrank rhythm tandem plenty of inspiration to lay down a scarry backbeat.

Holland Greco: vocals, electric ukelele, & Echoplex
princessFrank: drums
Clark Dark: guitar, piano, & Moog
Joey Maramaba: bass

Songs of the Misfits is a self-released EP. Buy it from his website.

  1. Hollywood Babylon
  2. Halloween
  3. American Nightmare
  4. Die, Die My Darling
  5. Vampira


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