January 10, 2017

Anna Coogan: crowdfunding campaign for new album "The Lonely Cry of Space and Time"

On stage @ De Peppel in Zeist, The Netherlands - photo: Ganesh Van Boggelen

Cinematic singer and guitar player Anna Coogan is raising money via Kickstarter to cover the expenses for recording her new album The Lonely Cry Of Space And Time. She aims to raise $5,500:

My name is Anna Coogan. I am a singer, guitarist, composer, teacher, producer, and teen mentor. I am releasing my first album in four years, The Lonely Cry of Space and Time, on April 28, 2017.

In the last four years, I have taught approximately 2,200 voice lessons, toured Europe three times, scored two silent films, produced three albums, spent hundreds of hours writing and playing with my bandmate Willie, and rediscovered my years of classical voice training. I’ve been a sideman for the first time ever, for Johnny Dowd and Mary Lorson. I’ve built some bridges. I’ve burned a few. This record encompasses all of these things.

The Lonely Cry of Space and Time is the result of a long and spirited collaboration with drummer Willie B and talented engineer Matthew Saccuccimorano. Both of these guys are my neighbors. Willie plays synthesizers with his feet while he drums, and pushed me hard in the last few years to dig way deeper. Matthew has incredible ears and a three-legged dog. Each of us put our heart and soul into this record. It's mostly  Willie on drums and synths, and myself on guitars and vocals, but we had the good fortune to be joined by Hank Roberts, JD Foster, and Brooks Miner on a few tracks.

Jos Goverde captured a few songs of the Johnny Dowd concert @ De Peppel in Zeist, The Netherlands (October 16, 2016). He also filmed Anna Coogan's solo spot, a rendition of what will become the title track of the The Lonely Cry Of Space And Time album.

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