March 12, 2016

Who the Fuck is Frank Zappa? Crowdfunding a new documentary and .. drum roll .. saving and/or owning FZ's vault and house

Long story short: Alex Winter is a film maker. He has been given full access to the vault of all Frank Zappa recordings and films. He wants to make the definitive documentary about Frank and publish a companion book. And he wants to save all the contents of the vault. Digitizing the contents will be expensive, but it's necessary, because the original tapes are crumbling and eroding:

Frank Zappa was one of the most prolific artists of our time, and rows upon rows of floor-to-ceiling stacks of tape, video clips, film footage, and more, have been locked away under the historic Zappa house in the Hollywood Hills since Frank's death in 1993.

No one has ever heard or seen the vast majority of this material, much less cataloged it, and it is literally crumbling against time in the Zappa's private archive: a massive underground storage chamber known as "The Vault."

By backing this campaign, you'll help us digitize and preserve (!) these archives for use in this documentary — not to mention for limited, gradual release and distribution, and the enjoyment of Zappa fans for generations to come. The more we raise, the more of Frank's unexplored archives we can save.

We're only in it for the money
A Kickstarter campaign is currently underway. They $500,000 to start shooting, a cool million will enable him to shoot the entire movie, and it will take two million to finish it properly. Are you a rich bastard with good taste? Hand over and the Frank Zappa Family Home is yours. And yes, that includes the vault.


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