January 02, 2016

Lost Bear: CRAAASH!

Lo-fi indie band Lost Bear inserted a bit of dance on their new single CRAAASH!, with a pulsating back beat and treated vocals pushing the track forward. The protagonist has fucked up in a major and hopes to make amends by offering a drink to the offended party. The video tells the story with two dancers who fail to connect.

B-side Captain Salt is gnarly garage rocker with a subtle washes of keyboards, a continuation of the sound foom their Monkey Pop album that made HCTF's best of 2015 list.

Lost Bear:
Arno Breuer: drums
Gino Miniutti: bass
Gibson Houwer: keys
Stefan Breuer: guitar
Casper Steenhuizen: vocals

CRAAASH! is released thru Tiny Room Records.

The band are wading through a stack of 150 songs for a new double album, Inside The Dragon, that will be released later this year.

» lostbear.nl

HCTF review of Monkey Pop.

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