May 21, 2015

Lost Bear: Monkey Pop

BEST OF 2015

Dutch lo-fi psychedelic indie band Lost Bear have a knack for coming up with harsh songs that sound like they were recorded under water. Their new album Monkey Pop is filled with songs telling stories about nightmares set in dystopia. Pretty bleak stuff that will be appreciated by fans of Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and early Seventies Krautrock.

Monkey Pop is a soft-spoken, disturbing and claustrophobic album. Think The Cure having a sleepover with Pavement, with marching drums and keyboards and guitar rolling down the road like tumbleweed filmed in slow motion. If you are hungry for menacing music, order a plate of Slaughterhouse Pancakes or go for the hipster repellent Friday Night Live Music.

Lost Bear:
Arno Breuer: drums
Gino Miniutti: bass
Gibson Houwer: keys
Stefan Breuer: guitar
Casper Steenhuizen: vocals

Monkey Pop will be released on Tiny Room Records. Digital and limited edition cassette (25 copies). Release date: May 31st. Free download of the first track A Short History Of Chrome.

  1. A Short History Of Chrome
  2. Molding People Enterprise
  3. Quasimodo On Steroids
  4. Faceless Shapedog
  5. City Metropolis Destiny Planning
  6. A Well Travelled Honey
  7. Slaughterhouse Pancakes
  8. Torture & Democracy
  9. Crop Circle Death Trap
  10. Friday Night Live Music
  11. Monkey Pop

Live dates:
  • 05/31 SUB071, Leiden (w/ Pile, Life Savings)
  • 06/10 ACU, Utrecht (w/ Carsick Cars)


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