April 17, 2014

The Who: 50th anniversary tour, "Quadrophenia Live In London" DVD

The Who wil hit the road to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a tour. Pete Townshend in Billboard:

It will be a world tour. I'm not crazy about going on the road, but I'm in good shape and once I start doing it -- and I'm still very good at it -- I'll take some pleasure from it.

An of course there's the inevitable question. Will there be a another album?

I'm trying to [look] through my 20,000 hours of complete and utter disorganized music [to find possible songs]. I'll be pulling some songs out of [his long-gestating project] 'Floss' to give to Roger to see if we've got enough to make an album. It might be a big waste of time, but I'm hoping there will be an album.

On their last 2012-2013 tour they performed Quadrophenia in full plus a handful of popular favorites. A new DVD, Quadrophenia Live In London, hits the shops om June 10th.

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