December 13, 2013

Keith Richards talks about "Street Fighting Man"

Keith Richards about Street Fighting Man in an interview with the Wall Street Journal:

Early on, when I had played the tape of my melody for Mick, his lyrics were about brutal adults. We recorded them and called the song, "Did Everyone Pay Their Dues?" But we weren't that crazy about the results, and the lyrics underwent several rewrites once we saw what was going on in the streets in London and Paris in 1968. While we were in the studio, Mick had been at a huge demonstration against the Vietnam War in London's Grosvenor Square in March. And we were both in Paris in May during the violent protests by students demanding reforms. The French cops were pretty nasty about it. As we traveled around, Mick and I would look at each other and realize something big was happening in two major capitols of the world and that our generation was bursting at the seams.

Mick knew that "Dues" needed an overhaul that better matched what was going on. I came up with the line, "What can a poor boy do" and threw it out to Mick. He completed the thought with " 'Cept to sing for a rock 'n' roll band" and he wrote the rest of the new lyrics in the studio. That's how we often worked. One of us would have a piece of a lyric that sounded interesting, then hand it off to the other to get things going.

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