November 01, 2011

Nobody Beats the Drum: "Blood On My Hands" video & remixes EP

Watch the new Nobody Beats the Drum video for Blood On My Hands, directed by William Georgi and Rogier van der Zwaag.

Nobody Beats the Drum: Blood On My Hands

A cheesy cooking show turns into horror story, where the victim's intestines are served to the band members. Inside joke alert: the unlucky guy is played by Joost van Bellen, a legendary Dutch house DJ.

Blood On My Hands is a track from their album Currents. Also available on the new EP with remixes by Mason ( bass heavy monster), Kypski (applying his signature partyscratch skills), Electrophants (borderline disco clashing with dubstep), and a DJ edit.


HCTF review of Currents.

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