November 01, 2011

Amanda Palmer: Ukulele Anthem

Amanda Palmer has written a new song. The Ukulele Anthem is funny song with a serious message, partly inspired by lyrics suggestions made her Twitter followers. The world could have been a better place if everyone learned how to play the under-appreciated four-string instrument:

sid vicious played a four-string fender bass guitar and couldn’t sing
and everybody hated him except the ones who loved him
a ukulele has four strings, but sid did did not play ukulele
he did smack and probably killed his girlfriend nancy spungen

if only sid had had a ukulele, maybe he could have been happy
maybe he would not have suffered such a sad end
he maybe would have not done all that heroin instead
he maybe would’ve sat around just singing nice songs to his girlfriend

Ukulele Anthem is a self-released song. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from her website.


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