March 08, 2011

Eureka Birds: Eureka!

The slow rumble of the drums, wall-to-wall arrangements and the vocals riding on top. That was the sound associated with Baltimore band Eureka Birds. So it is nice surprise that they kick off their new EP Eureka! with the bare bones The Mountain is a Volcano., a restrained song with a lone guitar interacting with the keyboards and percussion.

The lush arrangements are still there, but it's less crowded, making it easier to appreciate the individual players. By keeping it simple - not stupid - songs like the catchy Cactus Man and the sad sounding but hopeful ballad We'll Get By register more quickly.

Eureka Birds:
Justin Levy: keyboards, vocals
Dave Rogoza: guitar
Kevin Collins: bass
Dan Vellucci: drums
Dami Soh: cello
Nathan Royer: euphonium, trumpet

Eureka Birds: Eureka!

Eureka! is a self-released album. Download it from the band's website (pay-what-you-want).

  1. That Mountain is a Volcano
  2. Sarah (Sits and Cries)
  3. There Was Light
  4. Sunset on Film
  5. Cactus Man
  6. We'll Get By

Live dates:
  • 03/08/11 Pittsburgh @ Commonplace Coffee #
  • 03/09/11 Columbus, OH @ Treehouse #
  • 03/10/11 Muncie, IN @ Be Here Now #
  • 03/11/11 St. Louis @ Foam (w/ Cowboy Indian Bear) #
  • 03/12/11 Kansas City, MO @ Mike Kelly’s Westsider #
  • 03/13/11 Wichita @ Kirby’s #
  • 03/14/11 Dallas, TX @ Crooked Tree #
  • 03/17/11 Austin, TX @ Floating Gest SXSW @ Lovejoy’s
  • 03/18/11 Little Rock, AK @ Sticky Fingerz
  • 03/19/11 Louisville, KY @ ZaZoo’s

# Eureka! Duo (Justin Levy & Kevin Collins)


HCTF review of Eureka Birds.

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