November 03, 2010

30 Days of Dead: free recordings throughout November

Freeloading hippies of all ages rejoice. As of November 1 a never before released Grateful Dead recording (well, most them actually) can be downloaded for free from That's 30 free songs.

Starting on the Day of the Dead (November 1),, the official website of the Grateful Dead, will kick off 30 DAYS OF DEAD. Every day throughout the entire month of November, the Grateful Dead will post a different live track on that will be free to download for one day only. The band's archivist Dave Lemieux hand-picked each of the 30 career-spanning tracks from the Dead's extensive vault. Each free song download will be a high-quality (320 kps) mp3 and nearly all of the 30 tracks are previously unreleased soundboard recordings.

Contest are run on a daily basis, challenging listeners to name the relevant details about the song that is offered:

In addition to the free music, 30 DAYS OF DEAD will also include daily and weekly contests. When a new track is posted on each day at approximately Noon EST, the first person to correctly identify both the complete date (Month, Day, Year) and venue of the performance in the comments section will win their choice of any copy from the Dead's ongoing Road Trips series.


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